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Surely I need experience to join one of your classes? Aren't they difficult?

Absolutely not. In fact, most people that join a class have never decorated a cake before. We're not stuffy or formal and we believe in having great fun. The most frequent concern we hear is 'I'm not even artistic!' Honestly, you'll be amazed what you can achieve during a class and mistakes are all part of the learning process.


Do I need to bring anything with me or spend a fortune on equipment?

All we ask is that you bring a packed lunch, a cold drink and, for classes where we decorate one big cake, a naked (un-iced) 8"-ish sponge cake to cover during the class. Your cake can either be homemade or shop bought but please don't bring a fruit cake as they're bumpy and need covering in a different way. As a general rule, taller cakes look better when decorated so, if your scrumptious home made ones are a bit flatter than average, perhaps bring a couple and we can stack them. A note pad and pen and a pair of slippers might be useful too.


How many people attend a class and will I be the oldest/youngest?

We accept a maximum of seven people per class. This allows us to provide you with personal guidance at all times. Also, our little garden studio might burst if we took more! The youngest attendee we accept is seven and the oldest is one hundred and seven. If you are over this age just let us know!


Can I cancel or rearrange my booking?

Sadly not as we start to buy supplies for your placement as soon as you confirm. However we are more than happy for you to pass your place onto a friend instead.


What happens if the class needs to be cancelled?

In the very rare event of a class cancellation (due to illness/extreme weather conditions etc) we will notify you with as much notice as we possibly can. You class cost will be fully refunded or your place can be re-scheduled if the class is cancelled by us.


Is parking easy or are you near the train station?

Parking is never a problem. We have room for a few cars on the drive and many cars just outside on the (very quiet) street. We are a fifteen minute walk from High Wycombe Train Station but it's up a steep hill so you may choose to grab a taxi from the station. There are always plenty waiting and it's hardly any distance.


I have a medical condition and/or disability; can I still attend?

We try to accomodate as many people as possible and will do everything we can. However, please note there will be periods of standing and continued use of fine motor skills during the class. Please do call us to discuss and we'll try really hard to make things work.


I have allergies; can I still attend?

Please let us know when booking and we will research the ingredients used in our products for you. Please be aware that some products are prepared in factories that also prepare nut (and other) products so we can't be one hundred percent sure that no residual traces remain.


Can I come in if I arrive early?

We spend a lot of time preparing for the class beforehand so we're afraid we can't accept visitors more than fifteen minutes before the class starts. Thanks for your understanding.